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Do Not Fall

Do Not Fall is an intense and thrilling action-platform game. Playing as a fearless adventurer who lives inside a special vending machine, you will go through seven different adventure worlds to collect enough ingredients to produce and dispense the drink for the machine!

It might sound and look easy, but player will need to prove their reflex is quick enough to avoid disappearing tiles, obstacles, and traps along the way. The player will do whatever it takes to avoid being knocked off or drop from the surface!

Multiplayer is also available if you want to take your skills to challenge other players in different multiplayer game mode. So gather your friends and start an awesome battle to see who will be the king “on” the floor.

You can run. You can dash. You can jump. However, whatever you do, DO NOT FALL!

Release date : July 23, 2013 (North America) 
                      July 24, 2013 (Other regions)

Platform: PlayStation®3 ( PlayStation®Network )

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